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You are delivery service company with multiple clients across multiple industries and transport goods from the manufacturers to your distribution site. From there, you deliver directly to you larger customer’s docks. But what about that final mile – getting the delivery from your distribution center to their front door?

What about your smaller clients? Do they even have a dock?

Is it worth it for you, the delivery service, to only fill a truck halfway and drive it to your client?

Will those clients’ locations accommodate for the size of trucks in your fleet?

The “Final Mile Problem”

These questions fall under what’s called the “final mile problem”. Bigger delivery services have no problem shipping large load to and from distribution centers. The problem happens at that “final mile”; actually getting the items to the customers. Customers in rural areas are spread vastly apart, taking more time to get to. Customers in metro and downtown areas are separated by traffic congestions and narrow access points. Both are operational opportunities for advanced delivery service companies who work on a large scale.

The Expedite Solution

All of this can be resolved with one simple solution: Expedite Delivery System.

We delivery to docks and curbside.

We have vans and semis of varying capacities.

Where your capabilities leave gaps in your supply chain, we fill them in. We pick up your overflow when you can’t meet goal and accommodate for your smaller clients at the same time.

Use Expedite’s final mile delivery services as an integrated part of your supply chain. Schedule unique routes or have dedicated reoccurring deliveries. Don’t let your smaller customers fall to the wayside. Don’t overextend your fleet. And don’t waste time and effort on half-loads.

Why it’s Important

The increased demand for same-day shipping has caused the parcel delivery industry to change the way it does business. No more can we afford to lose business over long delivery windows and dissatisfied customers.

Our customers have their own clients to consider. If they can’t find a delivery service willing to keep up with the near-real-time demand, they’ll go looking elsewhere.

That’s where Expedite Delivery System comes in. We take those deliveries their final mile, from your distribution centers straight to your customer.

This works best for customer like mid-sized retail stores that have the option of using other private parcel services. Instead of having their inventory floating around the back of a truck with residential deliveries, they can stay you and have a dedicated delivery from Expedite. This gives you more accountability for your deliveries and gives your customers more security in knowing their shipments are secure.

Expedite Delivery System Employees Looking at a Digital Map

We use technology to create the most efficient routes possible. We track every parcel and map every destination. Our routing software will create unique delivery routes based on the specific location of your customers. This ensures they get their deliveries as fast as possible and you can hold us accountable at every stop along the way.

Expedite has been doing this a while. We’re constantly looking for ways to become more streamlined so you see a better end result. Your success is our success. Let us show you what we can do.

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