Courier Service Red Flags

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There are a lot of courier services out there, we appreciate that you choose expedited delivery system. We’ve been doing this for a while, and we’ve seen some things that worry us. It’s our responsibility to you, our valued customers, to highlight some of these so you know what not to look for in other delivery services.

No-Shows and Late Deliveries

It makes sense that this would be a deal-breaker for a delivery service. It’s one of those “you had one job” situations. The worst thing a delivery service could do is not deliver. The next worst thing they can do is not give you a heads up that there is a delay with your delivery. This should be a red flag because it means they don’t value your time or patronage.

Substandard Customer Service

Customer service is the second most important element of running a reputable courier service. Clear and open communication with customers is of the utmost importance. Any delays of delivery or changes of route should be clearly and concisely expressed. Anything less than this is unacceptable. Furthermore, interactions with your delivery service should be personable and pleasant. We’re all people here, and more importantly, you were the customer. It is on us as the service provider to make sure your experience earns us you are returning business.

No Best-Practice for Payments

Especially when delivering medical and pharmaceutical supplies, this is crucial. Delay of payment could mean a delay in delivery. Even if the discrepancy is on the company’s end, they can reasonably deny service if payment hasn’t been received.  You should be able to make your payment over the phone, in person, and online. If you notice their website is unsecure, do not enter payment information. you could be making yourself susceptible to credit card or identity fraud. Generally, you would make your payment at the time of the delivery scheduling. If a delivery service tells you to pay later or that you can only pay in cash in person, this is a red flag.

A Lack of Experience as a Courier Service

Developing processes takes time. Some companies may agree to take on deliveries that they are ill-equipped to undertake. It could be too big we’re too complicated for them to handle. We have experience in multiple industries and have drivers and trucks that can handle all types of loads.

HIPAA Violations

As a trusted medical and pharmaceutical courier service, we uphold HIPAA guideline and safeguard your Sensitive information. But we can’t say the same or all other delivery services. Chain of custody is very important element here. Having positive control of sensitive medical information is a must. Make sure your delivery service following proper guidelines, or else be at risk of HIPAA violations.

Questionable Delivery Fleet

We take pride in our fleet. We are clean, reliable, and presentable. These are our tools of the trade. With our trucks, we wouldn’t be able to deliver much. Some companies try to skirt by and have drivers use their personal vehicles or trucks that are unpresentable or dilapidated. The security of your packages depends on the state of the trucks your delivery service uses.

Dedicated driver service

Expedite Delivery System, we take your business seriously. These red flags aren’t just things we’re telling you to look for, they are things we vow to keep out of our company. Contact us to find out how we can help streamline you are supply chain and delivery mechanism.

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