Making Delivery Easier

In order to provide you with the best delivery experience possible, Expedite offers a variety of helpful services. From same-day delivery to warehousing and distribution, we make sure you and your customers are satisfied. Check out our services below, and learn why you should choose us for your next delivery!


Same Day Delivery

If you have a package that needs to be delivered right now, our team is up to the challenge! Our on-demand package delivery service lets you get your package delivered on the same day you make the request. Learn More


Scheduled and Routed Delivery

Do you have deliveries that need to be made regularly? Our scheduled and routed delivery service gives you a practical way to get your regular shipments where they need to go. Learn More


Freight Delivery

Your freight is just as important as any other delivery. Our customized freight delivery service ensures that your packages are delivered on time, regardless of size. Learn More


Warehousing and Distribution Services

If you have a lot of packages to prepare or sort, Expedite can help! Our warehousing and distribution services help customers like you manage large or small shipments before delivery. Learn More

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