Deliveries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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During in this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all doing what we can to flatten the curve and slow the spread. We’re wearing masks, we’re washing our hands more often, and we’re limiting our time in public places around crowds of people. This probably means we’re buying less in store and more online. But in turn, this means we’re being visited more frequently by package delivery services, whether it be USPS or other independent services.

Some of us might be nervous to bring packages and items into our homes without knowing who’s touched it or how it’s been handled in the supply chain. Rest assured; precautions are being taken on our end as the delivery service. You might be interested to know there are also some precautions when taking in deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let it be said that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, states is unlikely the virus will spread through the mail. But you can never be too careful. So here are some ways you can help do your part when it comes to package handling.

Have A Designated Package Drop Off Area

Contactless deliveries are growing in popularity right now for obvious reasons. The main being limiting personal contact that could result in virus transmission. Having a designated area for deliveries to be set outside of your home will help with this. Also, it gives the delivery workers a clear understanding of where to place your packages. Have this area be somewhere away from your front door in case the package gets dropped off while you were gone. You can avoid having to touch the package to move it to enter your house.

Sanitize Deliveries During COVID

Once you do bring the package into your home, give it a good spray with some Lysol and wait a few minutes. Household disinfectants do not immediately disinfect. There is a specific amount of time it takes for cleaning products to kill specific viruses. Consider opening the package outside, in the open air, and bring the product itself into your house to disinfect.

Have a Designated Sanitizing Station

This doesn’t have to be a huge area, maybe just a spot at the end of your counter. Having one dedicated spot to bring packages to can and sanitize items will reduce the amount of potential exposure to the rest of your house. Once the item is cleaned and put away, dispose of the packaging and sanitize that spot. Don’t touch your face and wash your hands immediately.

The Drivers Are Taking Precautions, Too

Yes, they have a job to do, but nothing is more important than their health and the health of their customers. Our drivers are regularly cleaning and disinfecting the inside of the truck and the services the packages are placed. They observe proper hand washing practices. Expedite’s drivers disinfect any clipboards, pens, or signature pads that may have to be passed between people. When possible, they conduct contactless deliveries, or maintain a 6-foot distance when speaking to customers. All practices and deliveries are done within CDC guidelines and with the utmost caution and care for our drivers and their customers.

Expedite Team

Expedite Delivery System values you and is doing what it can to keep you safe. This is an unpredictable time for everybody, and taking in deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic adds another layer of uncertainty. The least we can do is assure you we’re doing everything we can to you safe.

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