Why The Medical Specimen Delivery Equipment Used By Expedite Makes All The Difference

medical specimen delivery

When it comes to medical specimen delivery done right, the equipment used ensures that the sensitive deliveries arrive in the proper condition.

In addition to well-trained couriers and technology that supports optimized routes and efficient delivery, Expedite Delivery System also uses healthcare industry-approved equipment to serve our clients.

Read on to learn more about that equipment, and how each of our healthcare providers is able to benefit from medical specimen delivery.

The Medical Specimen Delivery Equipment We Use

To ensure our medical specimen deliveries arrive on-time and in the proper condition, we employ industry-standard practices and equipment. This is not just for the reliable delivery of the specimen, but also to abide by national regulations for shipping of medical specimens.

This process is regulated by both the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). When transporting medical specimens across a public road, DOT requirements must be adhered to, including an appropriately labeled box.

This includes the following:

  • Medical transport bags – This ensures the specimens being transported are safely contained and protected during transportation. The bags must meet OSHA and US DOT 49 CFR 173.6 criteria to ensure compliance with regulations and standards for shipping diagnostic specimens and biological products by ground courier transport. This includes triple packaging, featuring a leak-proof primary receptacle, a secondary, larger leak-proof package, and an outer package. As an example, the first receptacle could be a blood tube, the second could be a sealable bag, and the third would be a cardboard box or cooler.
  • Biohazard spill kits – Keeping public safety as a top priority is crucial for maintaining the integrity and safety of the specimens being transported. In the event of a spill, drivers are equipped to contain and properly dispose of the contents to prevent exposure.
  • Regulated temperatures – Different medical specimens may require specific temperatures to remain viable for analysis and testing, so our drivers are trained and aware on how to use the available equipment to reach and maintain those requirements.
  • Dry ice and coolers – To help maintain the correct temperature during transportation, medical specimens may require the use of dry ice or coolers.
  • Multi-compartment coolers – When necessary, this allows for the transportation of multiple types of specimens at different temperatures, ensuring that each specimen arrives at its destination in the correct condition. This is most often useful medical facilities and laboratories that receive a variety of samples and specimens.

Healthcare Partners That Rely On Medical Specimen Delivery

By offering medical specimen delivery that our healthcare partners can trust, we are able to play a vital role in ensuring that their day-to-day operations continue smoothly.

  • Hospitals – We can help ensure prompt and accurate testing and analysis of patient samples for efficient diagnosis and treatment.
  • Medical, Clinical, and Analytical Labs – These kinds of labs rely on medical specimen delivery to receive samples from various sources for testing, analysis and research.
  • Blood Banks – Transporting donated blood and blood products to various hospitals and clinics in a timely and safe manner.
  • Public Health Department -To receive and transport samples for monitoring and controlling the spread of diseases.
  • Dental Offices/Labs – For dental impressions, models, and x-rays for analysis and treatment planning.
  • Engineering Groups – To have the samples for materials testing and analysis.
  • Law Practices – For having biological samples for DNA testing as part of legal proceedings.
  • Pharmaceutical and Professional Offices – For samples for drug testing and research.
  • Medical Suppliers – For the transportation of medical supplies and equipment to healthcare facilities.

Work With Expedite Delivery System On Your Next Medical Specimen Delivery

If you’re looking to set up your own custom, same-day medical specimen deliveries, we are here to help. With professional couriers that have all gone through Integrity Medical Courier Training programs, our team is able to meet the healthcare standards with every delivery. To get in touch with our team, you can visit us here.

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