Medical Specimen Delivery

Every minute counts when it comes to medical specimen deliveries. Our professional medical specimen delivery drivers are experienced and certified in proper specimen handling procedures.  We have built a reputation in the region as an elite laboratory courier service. Whether you have a need for dedicated medical delivery routes, or time-critical STAT needs we have a solution for you.

Expedite Delivery System provides safe, time critical medical specimen delivery to hospitals, laboratories, physicians offices and medical clinics in the mid-Atlantic region.

Temperature Controlled Medical Specimen Delivery

Proper handling is critical when transporting medical specimens.  Expedite Delivery System couriers carry multiple coolers to transport refrigerated, room temp and carry dry ice to transport frozen specimens whenever necessary.  Our dedicated route drivers use temperature monitoring devices with high low alarms to make sure specimens are transported at their optimal temperature and have the ability to make adjustments mid-route if necessary.

Our medical specialty couriers are trained, tested, and certified by Integrity Medical Courier Training in:

  • OSHA
  • Transportation Guidelines
  • Specimen Integrity
  • Exposure Control
  • ICE Policy

You get total peace of mind when our couriers handle your medical specimen deliveries. We use state-of-the-art technology to monitor and track each delivery and we follow secure chain-of-custody procedures to protect confidential patient health information. If you need a safe and reliable way to get your lab deliveries to the right place, choose Expedite Delivery System!

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