What Is Expedited Delivery And How Can It Transform Your Business?

expedited delivery

When you’re looking for an expedited delivery courier to get your package delivered quickly and securely on-demand, you likely have a few questions on your mind.

Just how fast does expedited delivery get there? How much will it cost? And will I get my money’s worth?

Of the millions of letters, packages, and shipments that go out across the country each day, each is sent with an urgency. That urgency comes with a price and a pay-off. 

To help you make that decision for your next shipment, this guide is dedicated to answering the just “how fast is expedited delivery” question.

How Does Expedited Delivery Work?

Many times what you’ll find when searching for expedited delivery is a courier system, or a shipping company dedicated to bringing your package or parcel from a specific Point A to a specific point B.

Because these two locations are customizable and don’t rely on a centralized shipment process, expedited delivery is a faster method. 

This is because a centralized process often includes at least one stop – like a central processing center, for example – and can also include a shared truck that drops other packages off along the same route. This slows delivery down. 

If there’s no urgency to your shipment at all, that may be a fine option. If you are up against a deadline – like with a medical specimen or important legal documents – then you’ll want to read on to see when expedited delivery is a good fit for you.

How Fast Is Expedited Delivery?

Unlike popularized terms like overnight delivery or 2nd-day shipping, expedited delivery doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all definition.

To start, we can say that expedited delivery is faster than standard delivery options.

How much faster depends on the on-demand courier you’re using. Some, like Expedite Delivers, can offer same-day delivery – even deliveries within an hour.

How Much Will Expedited Delivery Cost?

Expedited delivery costs are subject to the same variables that regular shipping is, like speed, weight of the package, and distance between the destinations.

With all that, the time savings can end up making it worthwhile. To get a better understanding of the cost for your industry, it’s best to reach out for an estimate.

Can Expedited Delivery Be Tracked?

The advent of delivery tracking for standard shipping has been extremely helpful for both personal and professional orders. It helps to know where in the system your package is and when you can expect it.

So, can a courier system provide the same level of detail? 

Shippers like Expedite Delivers use innovative technologies to provide you real-time updates, including messages and notifications, so you and your recipient know where your delivery is at all times. 

Expedited Delivery Vs Express Delivery

If you’re searching for the difference between expedited delivery and express delivery, know that it can vary depending on the carrier. 

In one definition, an express delivery is simply a delivery that is expedited beyond the normal shipping speed. By other definitions, it should be the fastest form of delivery.

Ultimately, you’ll want to see what your on-demand courier uses to define express or expedited, and make sure the promised timeline fits with your needs.

When Is Expedited Delivery Worth It

While we are a courier, we are happy to share that on-demand delivery and expedited delivery are not suitable for all deliveries. 

If you’re mailing a letter to a friend, if you’re making a non-urgent purchase online, or if there’s a package you can just drop off the next time you drive into the city, expedited delivery might not be for you.

Still, there are a number of situations in which you might find it quite useful. 

  • Valuable Items – Are you shipping something fragile or expensive? A courier service can give you the peace of mind that the item is being well-handled. 
  • Medical Specimens – Are you in the healthcare industry? An on-demand courier will not only help you deliver your items according to your schedule, they are able to transport temperature-sensitive specimens, too.
  • Time-Sensitive Deliveries – Are you hoping to deliver your package today? It may be best to work with a courier to ensure your deadline is met.

How Expedite Delivery System Can Help Meet Your Needs

At Expedite Delivery System, we offer custom, same-day delivery solutions across a wide range of industries. 

Each of our deliveries is supported by modern logistics technology and professional delivery personnel to make sure shipments are delivered on time and in the proper condition.

To find out more about what kinds of delivery services we can offer you, feel free to get in touch with our team.

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