3 Reasons Why Expedite Delivery Is Your Go-To On-Demand Courier For 2023

On-Demand Courier

When it comes to on-demand courier service, deliveries are about more than speed.

While typical shipments have customers choosing between same-day shipping, next-day delivery, or ground, a courier system needs to be able to provide more than that.

That’s because a quality delivery service has to be about how efficiently the service works, how businesses can integrate it within their own workflows, and who the service benefits.

At Expedite Delivery System, we know how much the experience of the delivery matters. That’s why we’ve developed a system that is both versatile and responsive so you can get your deliveries done exactly how you need.

Today, we’re revealing what goes into that system by sharing three reasons why we hope to be your on-demand courier for 2023.

We Offer Innovative, Industry-Leading On-Demand Courier Services

Our on-demand courier includes a number of powerful services. 

You’ll notice the impact of these four immediately:

  1. Auto-dispatching powered by AI – This allows us to quickly and efficiently dispatch drivers and vehicles to pick up and deliver packages. This can help ensure that packages are delivered as quickly as possible and can also help reduce the risk of delays due to miscommunication or other issues.
  2. Optimized routes – By using AI to optimize routes, the shipping company can ensure that packages are delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This can help reduce delivery times and also help the client save money on shipping costs.
  3. Fast Delivery – Expedite Delivery System is dedicated to getting packages delivered as quickly as possible, so the faster the delivery, the better. This ensures that packages are delivered as quickly as possible, whether that means using the most direct route or utilizing special services like air cargo or same-day delivery.
  4. Notifications directly to your inbox – Receiving notifications about the status of your packages directly in your inbox can help you stay informed and up-to-date on the status of your shipments. This can be especially useful if you need to coordinate the delivery of a package with someone else or if you need to make sure a package arrives by a certain date.

We Specialize In Final Mile Delivery Solutions

More than just providing point-to-point deliveries, Expedite Delivery System also offers final mile logistics that businesses can rely on. 

They include:

  1. API Integrations – API (Application Programming Interface) integrations allows us easily connect and communicate with other systems and platforms. This can be useful for clients who need to integrate our delivery solution with their own systems, such as their order management or inventory systems.
  2. Receive, Sort & Segregate – This ensures that packages are properly sorted and organized for delivery for a streamlined final mile logistics process.
  3. OS&D Reporting – OS&D stands for “Over, Short, and Damaged” and refers to packages that are received in an incorrect, incomplete, or damaged state. Expedite Delivery System’s OS&D reporting feature helps you track and report on these types of packages, which can be useful for identifying and addressing any issues that may arise during the delivery process.
  4. Efficient Routing – Final mile delivery solutions often rely on advanced routing algorithms to optimize routes and ensure that packages are delivered in the most efficient way possible. This can help reduce delivery times and costs, and can also help improve the overall efficiency of the delivery process.

We Are Trusted By The Medical Community To Provide Medical Logistics

As we’ve discussed, on-demand courier services are about more than just the speed of a delivery. The quality of that delivery matters, too. The following services are what make Expedite Delivery System a trusted partner for many healthcare providers.

  1. Professionally trained & attired couriers – Our couriers are knowledgeable about proper handling techniques and protocols for medical deliveries and easily identifiable by their professional attire. This is especially important when dealing with sensitive medical materials and with medical environments.
  2. Trackable driver actions – This includes tracking the location of the courier, the routes they take, and the length of time spent at each location. This allows our healthcare partners to know exactly where their materials are at all times.
  3. Custom volume reports – These reports can be customized to meet the specific needs of the healthcare professional, and can include information such as the number of packages delivered, the weight of each package, and the types of materials delivered. They provide insight into the workload of the courier service and can help with planning and budgeting.
  4. Temperature-controlled deliveries – Some medical materials, such as vaccines and medications, need to be kept at specific temperatures in order to remain effective. A courier service that offers temperature-controlled deliveries ensures that these materials are kept within the required temperature range throughout the delivery process.
  5. Chain of custody documentation – This includes information about who handled the materials, when they were handled, and where they were stored. Chain of custody documentation helps to ensure the integrity and security of the materials being delivered. It also helps to protect against any potential legal liabilities that may arise if the materials are compromised or mishandled.

Work With Expedite Delivery For Your Next On-Demand Courier Shipment

For an easier, more efficient on-demand courier service that is trusted throughout the mid-Atlantic, contact Expedite Delivery. Click here to send us a message about your delivery needs, and we will be in touch shortly.

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