How Important is Fast Delivery?

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The numbers are in: speedy delivery is king. People want their purchases delivered quicker than ever. A survey conducted by Convey gauged what was most important to consumers last holiday season. Convey is an Austin-based shipping and delivering company using cloud-based platforms to innovate the industry. They use technology to reduce cost and push quality for their clients.

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Technology and Expedite

Here at Expedite Delivery System, we do the same thing. By taking into consideration industry trends and client needs, we are constantly in a state of optimizing our practices. Our newest edition to our arsenal is Dispatch Science. With this cloud-based app, we can:

  • Track packages
  • Optimize drivers’ routes
  • Streamline vehicle dispatching
  • Communicate with clients
  • Access actionable backend business analytics

Survey Results

Expectedly, Convey’s survey showed price topping the list of important factors regarding purchasing decision-making. Following close behind, though, was delivery speed.

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Delivery Expectations

About 64% of respondents site price as the most important factor when it comes to a purchase. 19% say delivery speed is most important. As a frame of reference, only 10% cited delivery speed as most important the year before, meaning that number has almost doubled in just a year.

Just because a consumer doesn’t deem something as “most important” does not mean it does not play a role in their purchasing decisions. In general, 79% of respondents said having at least free 2-day shipping was important in making their decision. On the flip side, only 7.5% said delivery speed was not important when making their purchasing decisions. That means 92.5% said fast delivery was important. That figure speaks for itself.

Not only is delivery speed important, it could cost companies business. 84% of people said that delivery is important to the shopping experience overall. And 29% of people said they would be more likely to make a purchase if the delivery window was a week or less.

Information is Power

The ability to track packages and to receive notifications was also deemed important. This sentiment is coupled with the prevailing fear of packages being stolen after delivery. 22% of shoppers say they are concerned their package will be stolen from their porch after it is delivered. This has led to an increase of demand for package tracking and delivery notifications.

66.5% of respondents have said en route tracking and delivery notifications are important service offerings. Over 98% of shoppers want to know if their delivery is going to be late, but only 10% expect to have to find that information on their own.  Providing proactive customer notifications ticks both of those boxes.

How Expedite Delivery System is Adapting

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We know we have to keep up. Customer are demanding more for less. And they should. They deserve it. It is up to us to delivery, literally and figuratively. We are embracing change and integrating technology into our everyday process more and more. We can:

  • Notify customers of route changes and delivery delays
  • Optimize routes for fastest delivery times and minimize half-loaded trucks
  • Provide real-time updates to any point of your supply chain
  • Use historic data and analytics to drive company decisions and streamline processes

Expedite Team

The more we, and others in the industry, listen to our customers, the better we can serve you. Get in touch to see why Expedite Delivery System is leading the way for mid-Atlantic couriers.

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