Expedite: Delivering Through COVID

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A lot has changed in 2020. The way we shop, visit loved ones, or do almost anything has changed. We have felt this pandemic across the globe and across industries. For any business to have survived this year has meant having a great deal flexibility, patience, and perseverance. Delivering through COVID-19 has not been easy.

Especially for the courier industry, we can’t afford to sit back and let the world go by us. We have to flex with the times in order to keep your supply chain intact and full force. We have to ship through the pandemic. The increased consumer demand for fast, reliable deliveries was seen swiftly after the outbreak.

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With a little bit of hope, and a lot of help from our friends, we have seen 2020 nearly through the end and are looking to the other side of it for growth and progress. In looking back, we were able to bend, not break, under the constricting pressure of an ever-changing time.

In some ways, we’re stronger now for it. We are more vigilant, more agile, and more prepared for uncertain times. We have learned to embrace technology like never before and are learning what truly matters to our customers.

Final-Mile as Part of Your Supply ChainExpedite Delivery Service Truck and Van

Final-mile courier services have seemed indispensable to the customer experience more than ever this last year.

Consumers demand fast and free shipping. Freight companies with narrow distribution capabilities are leaning harder on smaller, local, final-mile courier services to pick up where they leave off.

We have grown to become a more integrated part of your supply chain, taking deliveries straight from your warehouse to the doors of your end user.


Deliver Faster

Delivering at guaranteed times is an ever-growing importance post-COVID. 3-5 day shipping isn’t good enough anymore.

With retail and distribution giants offering free next-day shipping, other operations, large in their own right, need to keep up. Some don’t have the capacity to store inventory to fulfill click and ship, nor is their fleet robust or versatile enough to offer less-than-truckload shipping.

We do have a warehouse at Expedite. And our comprehensive network of drivers can fulfill any load, of any size, at any time.


Deliver More

Evolving from your typical “hardlines”, non-consumable freight shipments to everything from medical supplies, to meal kits and other perishables, shipments are more varied in size and contents.

No longer are consumers only buying large or readily unavailable items online. Increasingly we are seeing single item deliveries that are small in weight and volume. Consumers would ordinarily buy these in-person. Now, online shopping is prevailing even the for the smallest of orders.

Expanding fleet size, capabilities, and delivery zones has helped fulfill consumers’ and retailers’ needs alike.


Deliver Safer

Delivering shipment during the COVID pandemic has shifted our perspective a bit. While safety is always a top priority, we have put more focus on health, hygiene, and contact procedures with packages and customers.

Road safety will always be important, but with additional health concerns we are taking added precautions. We are ensuring CDC guidelines and elevated health and safety standards are met and exceeded.

Our sorters and drivers mask up and sanitize. This goes for anything before-hand that they physically transfer to a customer – pens, scanners, signature pads. We engage in contactless delivery when possible, and practice social distancing otherwise.


Your Future with Expedite Delivery System

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Not all courier services are created equal. We do our best to stand out among the best in the business. We’ve been there, done that, and then some. Come see how we’re helping.

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