How Does Expedite do Same-Day Shipping?

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Same-Day Shipping

With consumers wanting faster and more reliable delivery, it makes sense that companies are moving towards offering same-day delivery. It used to be that standard shipping was acceptable, 7-10 days from store to door. Then expedited shipping became popular, 3-5 days. Now, companies like Amazon offer standard two-day shipping on millions of products, with some of them available next-day, and even some available same-day. Not even ten years ago, industry watchers were predicting the shift to same-day delivery was imminent. The shift has happened but less out of a need for urgency and more out of a want for convenience. Everything from clothes, to groceries, to medical supplies can be bought online from retailers and delivered that day.

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So, the question is how do local businesses and manufacturers keep up with the rapidly growing capabilities of these bigger corporations? That’s where Expedite Delivery System’s same-day delivery services come into play. You see, a lot of the time taken for a package to arrive at its final destination happens between the warehouse and the customer’s front door. A manufacturer is able to ship bulk freight fairly efficiently by air or semi. But when it comes to dividing up that bulk freight and delivering it to individual recipients, that’s where the logistical nightmares come into play.

How Expedite Does Same-Day Shipping

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There are several freight companies that offer supply line assistance, but Expedite goes a step further. Not only do we have the capabilities to integrate into your supply line, but we also have a fleet varied enough to handle large loads as well as small loads. We have dedicated vehicles ranging from 26-foot straight trucks rated for up to 10,000 pounds with lift gates, to box trucks, to courier vans. Our ability to be flexible allows us to keep your clients happy by delivering their items quickly and efficiently. Our fleet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to get any shipments delivered last-minute. We will handle your shipments even if they don’t fill our truck with our less than truckload (LTL) service. We deliver dock-to-dock and cut out any additional middlemen. Our trucks are equipped with lift gates so even if the recipients don’t have a dock, we can delivery to street level and then carry the packages into the building. Our two-man delivery teams ensure all packages, big and small, make their way safely to their final destination.

Whether it’s a lot or little, Expedite Delivery System has you covered. We handle all types of industries, but specialize in:

We know how important it is to you to provide reliable delivery services to your customers. That’s why we try so hard and stay so dedicated to offering the best possible same-day courier services. Contact Expedite and find out why we are the preferred same-day shipping courier in the Mid-Atlantic.


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