Dispatch Science: Cloud-Based Delivery Genius

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At Expedite Delivery System of Maryland, we are constantly striving to give you the most streamlined courier service experience possible. We are in a perpetual state of progress, looking at how we can upgrade and update ourselves for your benefit. Our latest venture has been on the technology side of things. You might think couriers have been doing it that same way for decades. And that may be true for some courier services. But not Expedite. We are bringing you next-level transparency and flexibility with Dispatch Science. This cloud-base logistics software uses AI and algorithms to help us modernize and optimize operations and client and driver interactions.

This state-of-the-art courier management system provides:

  • Exceptional customer portal capabilities
  • Driver retention and notification system
  • Optimized dispatcher delivery routes based on algorithms
  • Actionable backend business analyticsExpedite Delivery Service Employees Looking At Digital Map


Dispatch Science enables you to track deliveries and packages from any device. Times and locations are updated in real time, providing accountability for both us and you. You will receive delivery confirmations on your preferred device. Become empowered to receive instant quotes, view order history, and pay invoices on your own.


As our driver, receive immediate notifications about jobs and assignments. Take advantage of route optimization, reducing the need to recalculate routes, and receiving turn-by-turn directions. With Dispatch Science, you can update delivery windows and statuses for customers and communicate directly with them through text messaging to resolve delivery issues.


The software lets us take total control of the delivery process. We have constant surveillance of all drivers and packages, allowing us total versatility when creating routes and updating customers. Every detail of every delivery is at our fingertips. We have the ability to update drivers and customers about unexpected delays and delivery windows. For our drivers, we get to keep workload balance and work maintain distribution rules.

Back Office

The powerful dashboard that this technology displays totally integrates all our company’s delivery data. It’s the most powerful and valuable tool we have in making qualified decisions about our services. With it, we are able to assign load sizes for our fleet and create complex pricing and routing agreements. It is our all-in-one customer relationship management tool, task manager, analytics tracker, and delivery planner.

What Does Dispatch Science Mean for Me?

All of this whittles down to more time and more money for you, our customers. The more automated we become, the more time we’ll have to invest where you need it. It allows us to give you, and all of our customers, and more individualized experience.

We are investing in these types of technology because we know the better experience will have you keeping Expedite as your courier service of choice.

Get in touch to see how it works or to schedule a delivery.

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