Choosing The Right Courier Service for Your Pharmacy Delivery

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Is your Pharmacy currently offering same-day delivery service?

Well, it should be!  Here are the top 5 reasons why…

Death, taxes…and change.

They say these are the only certainties in life, and while the first two may just be musings from a sarcastic, kite-wielding Founding Father, the third is a blunt and harsh reality!  If you need proof, go back and imagine your life just two months ago.

Yes, the world has changed a lot in the last 60 days.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 and the panic that followed, the days of people being okay with inhaling each other’s germs while standing in long, tightly-packed lines to wait for their prescriptions may soon become a thing of the past.

So, how do pharmacies thrive in this new hyper-sensitive climate we are all living in today?

Here are the top 5 reasons why a full-time, effective and comprehensive same-day pharmacy delivery service is essential for to prosper in 2020.

    Your customers are busy.  Many lead very complex lives and have to perfect a juggling act (job, kids, school) just to keep it all together.  Being able to eliminate any superfluous chore after an exhausting doctor’s visit, like the subsequent trip to the pharmacy, goes a long way in relieving some daily stress and anxiety.
    In this cyber-age, you certainly don’t want a dubious on-looker standing behind you in line with a cell phone and earful of your health and personal information.  Utilizing a reputable, trustworthy delivery service eases that concern by eliminating any awkward or compromising in-store interactions and ensuring your private information never makes it into the wrong hands.
    If anything, Covid-19 has shown us all how effortless and rapid a virus can spread.  It also introduced (and reinforced) certain precautions and preventions:  Staying home is always going to be a safer alternative than venturing outside.  The less human contact the better – especially during flu season.  Airborne contagions thrive better in larger, open spaces…All these examples promote the use of a medically certified delivery service that can dispatch prescriptions to your customers with their safety in mind.
    For many, a trip to the pharmacy isn’t merely an inconvenience, it’s an impossibility.  The elderly, sick and disabled are often physically immobile, and some folks don’t have access to a car or any transportation whatsoever.  A full-service delivery system affords even the most compromised customers total, same day, access to your pharmacy’s goods and services.
    Your customers have many choices.  It seems there’s a pharmacy on every corner these days.  And the ones who adapt are the ones who will not only survive, but also thrive.  Soon, prescription delivery will be as ubiquitous as pizza delivery, and generate large percentages of a pharmacy’s revenue stream.  Partnering with a knowledgeable and effective delivery company will help ensure your pharmacy capitalizes on this flourishing service.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  If Ben Franklin was right, hopefully some breath in your lungs and a refund check in your mailbox.  But if you’re a pharmacy looking to stay relevant and profitable throughout these tumultuous times of change, Expedite Is there for you 24/7/365.

Reach out and let us prove it.

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