Are You At Risk – Insurance Requirements For Medical Deliveries

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Would you roll the dice when it comes to the safety of your patients and customers?  Would you pull the lever with their well-being or bet the odds against their lives?  

Well, if you utilize a medical courier company that isn’t properly (and sufficiently) bonded and insured, that’s exactly what you’re doing.  

The transportation of critical medical items is a crucial component of your patient’s overall healthcare.  The safe, confidential and expedient delivery of lab specimens, blood products, instruments and pharmaceuticals plays an essential role in their diagnostic and treatment strategy and, in some cases, can even mean the difference between life and death.  And trusting this vital service to an inadequately insured courier company places the burden of responsibility, should any unforeseeable problems arise, directly on your plate.  

In the broadest sense of the word, insurance is a thing that provides protection against a possible eventuality.  And in the world of medical transportation there are many of those to go around, because no one in the delivery chain is infallible and, eventually, there’s going to be a mishap of some kind.  Traffic accidents, spillage, contamination, information breach, loss, theft, human error, negligence: there are countless negative variables that can become possibilities in a medical delivery transaction, and providers who utilize uninsured (or underinsured) courier companies for one of those transactions will most likely face significant financial and legal consequences. 

You would think that such sensitive materials and information being delivered to and from hospitals, labs and pharmacies would require the courier companies making those deliveries to be fully insured to protect all the parties involved – but that’s not the case – at least not now in 2020.  And, unfortunately, many fly by night delivery providers take advantage of this loophole.  They cut corners to save a buck, compromising  themselves, their contracted drivers and, most importantly, you the customer.  

But that’s not how it’s done at Expedite Delivery System.  We pride ourselves on making sure we’re proactive and prepared, guaranteeing everyone involved in the delivery chain is fully protected.  We carry the maximum liability coverage that’s offered – from the largest transportation surety company in the country.  All of our contracted drivers are required to sign a business associate agreement and carry their own occupational accident insurance.  Workman’s Comp?  HIPAA insurance to protect your patient’s privacy?  We’re fully covered there too. 

Incidentally, all this protection doesn’t come cheap.  But to us it’s 100% worth it, because providing our customers, our drivers and our employees total peace of mind always takes precedence over our bottom line.  

So, don’t gamble with your medical deliveries by using a dubious outfit that can’t fully protect you.  Give us a call at Expedite and let us show you how a trustworthy medical courier company (that’s been satisfying customers for over 20 years) does it.

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