Six Benefits Of Choosing The Right Baltimore Courier Service

Baltimore courier service

When you want to be sure your package will get delivered when you need it to get delivered, the right Baltimore courier service is key.

However, that’s easier said than done given the promises that you may read on any given company’s site. As one of the mid-Atlantic’s leading courier services, we’ve seen all kinds of offers and promises – some realistic, some less than.

To help you understand how to find the right Baltimore courier service for you, we’re outlining six of the most important qualities and benefits below.

How To Choose The Right Baltimore Courier Service

Below we’re sharing the reasons how a dedicated Baltimore courier service can help support you and your business.

  1. Quick Service

When considering ways to ship packages, you’ll always have your timeline in mind. If there’s no rush at all, there’s always the post office.

As soon as you start needing deliveries to meet deadlines, the conversation shifts. While first-class service can get your package there by the next working day, there are still deadlines and hours that may not accommodate your schedule.

With a Baltimore courier service, not only will you have more same-day options, but you will also have a service that fits into your schedule. 

2. Door to Door Service

One of the benefits of a Baltimore courier service is how accommodating they can be. 

Shipping something heavy or fragile? Having a courier service can support you by reducing the amount you have to move the package.

Likewise, if your day is jam-packed, a trip to the post office to wait in line may not be the ticket to success. Having a courier swing by your office to then take the package directly to its destination is one of the main benefits.

In many cases, the courier can even help package your item for safe transportation.

3. Better Security

Using a traditional shipping method can work well for regular packages. 

What happens when your package is more sensitive? From important documents to priceless packages, a reliable Baltimore courier service can inspire shipping confidence.

That’s because you’re hiring the service to take the package directly from you to its destination. That makes it nearly impossible to have your package lost in a complicated system. That system, which can involve large processing centers, moving from transport to transport, and lots of handoffs, can end up delaying your important delivery.

The security of a courier service is often backed up by insurance and guarantees based on the value of the shipment and an agreement based on the time of delivery. 

4. Adaptability

If you’ve tried to ship something lately through the post office, you’ve likely entered into a maze of calculating lengths, widths, weights, and timelines. 

For heavier or more strangely sized packages, finding the right way to ship it gets even more complicated.

Because of this, another benefit of a Baltimore courier service is their adaptability. Instead of spending your time trying to fit your needs to the more rigid requirements of a large company, a courier can help make everything simpler. 

5. Lowered Risk of Damage

Sometimes the most important part of a shipment is the peace of mind that comes from knowing it will arrive intact.

For fragile shipments, the best way to ensure that safe arrival is to reduce the number of times the package is handled.

When you have to pack it yourself, drive it to the shipping center, hand it to an employee, and then cross your fingers that there aren’t too many other steps involved.

With a courier service, they come directly to you and take your package directly where it’s going. For confidence that your packages will arrive in the best possible condition, courier services are a great solution.  

6. Cost Effective

So far we’ve discussed the benefits of a courier service in Baltimore being related to the way they prioritize you and your shipment.

That can sound like it comes with a higher cost. The truth is that while the initial price may be slightly higher than a comparable shipping service, that price also comes with the benefit of saving time and money:

  • By reducing the risk of damage
  • By reducing time spent following insurance claims
  • By reducing money spent replacing lost goods
  • By saving efforts with large or heavy items

The Baltimore Courier Service For You

If you’re looking for a courier service in Baltimore that can offer custom same-day delivery solutions, Expedite Delivery System is here for you. 
With cutting edge technology including digital chain of custody, real-time tracking and confirmation, API integration, and customizable driver actions, we’re here to support your needs. To learn more about how the Expedite Team can serve you, please send us a message.

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