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Auto parts delivery

If you are an auto parts dealer and don’t have a reliable courier in your back pocket, you’re in trouble. An auto parts delivery service should be no. 1 on your list of local small business partners.

Not many people buy auto parts just for fun. When someone walks into your shop asking for a specific part, they need that part. If what they need is at another location, or not even in your local inventory, that’s a lost sale and potentially a lost return customer.

Let’s stop that from happening.

Be confident that Expedite can deliver – literally. We have been serving the Mid-Atlantic for over a decade and have helped hundreds of other businesses overcome their supply chain and inventory woes.

Let’s take a look at how Expedite Delivery System helps drive sales and customers to your business.

Benefits of Having an Auto Parts Delivery PartnershipDedicated driver service

1. Controlling Transport Costs

Logistics consumes roughly 30% of business resources. We’re talking expense like:

  • vehicles
  • labor
  • returns
  • fuel

Transportation costs are high and they can really eat up your resources.

However, using a courier can help you save money. As the auto parts courier, we pick up the products and deliver them for you, no matter how small the package. You save time by not having to move products between retail stores and distribution centers in bulk.

2. Mitigating In-Route Damage

Destruction in transit can be very frustrating. Customers will be displeased that their goods were not received in perfect condition and will have to wait while you investigate. You may also have to charge more to repair or replace items.

Last-mile auto parts delivery can be a safer way to reach customers. Experts manage the loading, unloading, and handling of your items. Your product will stay in the hands of the courier until it reaches its destination. We won’t have to transfer trucks or drivers like some other delivery services.

3. Avoiding Supply Chain Blackouts

Unfortunately for them, some businesses believe their work is done once they hand over goods to a logistics company. They don’t check to see if the delivery met the essential terms. No information or accountability means no way to know if you’ve satisfied your clients.

It can help you track deliveries. The third-party logistics provider gives real-time tracking. You will be notified of each step and when your customers receive their orders.

4. Improving Customer Satisfaction

Modern customers demand prompt service. They expect to receive their orders almost immediately and may abandon your business if it takes longer than they feel is reasonable. They also expect the goods to be in perfect condition when delivered. Reviews and your website can tell them if you provide these services.

Expedite’s auto parts delivery services allow for quick and safe delivery. Your customers will receive their orders on time and undamaged. This will make them happy with your business. A happy customer is more likely to make repeat purchases or recommend you to their friends and family.

5. Having More Convenient Delivery Options

Consumers, especially yours, expect items to be in stock or readily available.

Last-mile delivery can save customers time and money by delivering products quickly. Other logistics or delivery companies might not offer this benefit. Working with a third-party logistics provider can help you re-engage lost clients.

Expedite Does Auto Parts Delivery!

Are you looking for a reliable auto parts delivery service?

We have a team of professionals who are fully aware of the importance of being punctual and reliable. Our affordable courier service can be used to send a variety of auto parts, from spark plugs to drive shafts.

You won’t have to worry about ever taking phone calls from clients complaining about late deliveries or out of stock items. Never stress over late orders or missing packages again! Rest easy knowing we will take care of all your fulfillment needs for you!

Give Expedite a call now to see how much your business can benefit from our auto parts delivery services. We look forward to taking your supply chain to the next level.

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