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Medical specimen couriers are the most visible representatives of your lab. Your lab’s professionalism, dependability, and general concern for patients and clients are demonstrated by couriers. Your lab’s reputation is on the line when misunderstandings, unpredictable pick-up timings, or misplaced specimens occur. To simplify complex lab routes and provide exceptional service, a mobile courier management system created exclusively for the medical industry has become a requirement in today’s market.

Labs that show sophistication and maturity will aim to improve consistency and reliability not only in their main lab operations, but also in their courier system. Lab and courier managers are increasingly turning to Expedite Courier Service’s cloud-based management and specimen tracking solutions to ensure optimal delivery operations. These technologies simplify many logistic management activities while also providing the flexibility and transparency that medical providers want from labs.

The problems that old, non-medical specimen courier systems have:

Increasing Fuel Prices

For labs to be lucrative, courier transportation and logistics must be well-managed. Implementing fuel-efficient vehicles is one method to tackle this difficulty. Another aspect that is often overlooked is ensuring that couriers are using the most efficient routes. For labs that are still trying to manage routes manually, visible maps and optimal routing using a medical specimen courier management system could significantly cut fuel expenses.

Customer Service Agility Deficit

Your courier service’s goal is to transfer medical specimens from pickup to delivery in a timely and reliable manner. Customers want to know that a medical specimen courier will come on time for regular and STAT pick-ups, and that all specimens will be processed and reported on in a reasonable amount of time. Because you can easily see your courier using GPS tracking with graphical maps showing courier location, courier management systems allow labs to quickly re-route and notify couriers.

Capabilities for Specimen Tracking

Many labs still use a paper-based tracking system to track specimen pick-up and deliveries. Although this technique complies with regulatory standards, it is not always the most dependable or ideal method for tracking specimens. From pickup until delivery, an effective courier management system keeps track of the specimens. The type of specimen, the number of specimens, required signatures, transfers, pick-up timings, and drop-off times are all tracked by a good courier management system.

Expedite: Medical Specimen Courier Specialists

Here’s what make Expedite Delivery System’s use of Dispatch Science great for you:men pointing at map

  • It’s simple to set up and link with your laboratory information system (LIS) if you want to.
  • We’ve removed the need for paper in specimen tracking.
  • It is customizable to meet each lab’s specific requirements
  • For couriers and supervisors, it’s simple and intuitive to use.
  • We provide real-time data for on-the-fly logistical decision-making.
  • We provide key reporting indicators for better courier operations.
  • It comes with round-the-clock support and prevents your IT resources from being drained.

Expedite Courier Service is a cloud-based specimen monitoring and courier management solution company. Accordingly, we serve medical laboratories specifically to establish accountability for specimen pickup/delivery and improve courier route and field communication efficiency.

Get in touch today to find out how Expedite can help your lab become more sophisticated.

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