6 Things To Avoid From A Delivery Service

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When it comes to choosing a delivery service, there are a number of must-have qualities that come to mind.

Timely. Professional. Modern. 

At Expedited Delivery System, we work everyday to embody those qualities. We know that you have a choice when it comes to which Maryland delivery service you use, and we want to earn your trust with each delivery.

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Still, our years of experience have shown us what things to avoid from a delivery service. Some are qualities that you may notice right away, while others that may crop up over time. 

They are all red flags that should be avoided. We’re sharing them with you today to help you make the right choice with your next delivery.

1| Late Deliveries and No-Shows

Being able to make on-time deliveries is the hallmark of a good, professional delivery service. 

After all, if there is one job a delivery provider has, it’s to make deliveries. Not making those deliveries is the opposite. What can be considered just as bad is not getting in touch with their clients about the status of the delivery. Missed or late deliveries caused by a lack of communication shows a lack of respect for your time and business.

2| Below Par Customer Service

Another critical part of a trustworthy delivery service is its customer service. 

A good delivery is not merely the fact it happened; it’s how that delivery was handled. It starts with clear and open communication with customers, a standard carried throughout the process. A delivery delay can be unpredictable. What’s important is communicating what’s happening to the customer and the action being taken to resolve the problem.

Those communications are also judged on a range of qualities, too, including their friendly tone and their professionalism. Everyone involved in the process is human, and should be treated with a baseline courtesy. 

Ultimately, this is a fundamental part for any service provider who wants to earn a client’s repeat business.

3| Lack of Best-Practice for Payments

Delivery services need to have multiple processes in place to accept payments. Given that the delay in payment can mean the delay of delivery, these processes are critical. This is especially true when those delays could be connected to the deliveries of medical and pharmaceutical products. 

Some delays may be on the part of the business or because of human error. These can be avoided when payments are accepted online, over the phone, and in-person. 

Another red flag: avoid doing business with delivery services whose websites are not deemed secure by your web browser. You’ll be putting yourself at risk for credit card fraud or identity theft.

Most often, payments are made at the time when the delivery is scheduled. If a service tells you they only accept cash in person, you’d do best to avoid them.

4| An Inexperienced Courier Service

A new delivery service can be eager and mean well while still not being the best fit for you.

That’s because process development requires time. In trying to secure a new client, a delivery service might agree to accept deliveries that they are not yet ready to handle. That can mean deliveries that are too big or too intricate for them to handle. 

At Expedite Delivery System, we have drivers and trucks that can handle a variety of loads, as well as experience in many different industries.

5| HIPAA Violations

For a delivery service to commit to being able to deliver pharmaceuticals and medical specimens, it’s important to adhere to HIPAA regulations and protect a client’s information. 

While we can’t speak to all delivery services, this is a value that Expedite Delivery System holds dear. For us, the chain of custody is a key factor. Keeping sensitive medical data controlled is essential. These are guidelines a delivery service must follow to avoid violating HIPAA.

6| A Run-Down Delivery Fleet

A delivery service can only go as far as its delivery trucks. At Expedite, we are proud of the trucks we send out each day. We keep them tidy, well-groomed, and ready to roll.

While other businesses may have their drivers use their own trucks or cars, that wouldn’t work for us. Having dependable drivers and trucks allow us to deliver a dependable service.

Expedite Delivers For You

What you’ve read through isn’t just a list of things to avoid from a delivery service. They are also issues we promise to keep out of our business.

By committing to quality, we’re able to streamline supply chains and offer an industry-leading edge to all our clients. For more on our services, you can get in touch with Expedite Delivery System here.

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