Behind-The-Scenes of Our Smart Maryland Delivery Service

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In the modern world, we see “smart” added on to nearly every aspect of our lives. 

Smart homes, smart cars, smart TVs – an infusion of technology and software is changing how we interact with just about everything.

Our homes and our entertainment devices aren’t the only things getting an upgrade, though.  At Expedite Delivery System, we are working to create a truly smart Maryland delivery service.

As we have been since we launched, Expedite Delivery System is focused on providing our community with the best, most efficient courier service. That starts with the details of our professionally attired courier drivers, and it goes all the way to finding ways to improve and modernize our delivery services.

That passion for performance has led us over the past few years to integrate more of our offers with leading technology. 

While some couriers are content to stick with doing business the way it’s always been done, Expedite is different. By integrating with the advanced delivery management software Dispatch Science, we’re able to provide our customers leading-edge transparency and adaptability. By implementing their software in our service, we upgrade our own operations as well as the connections between client and drivers. 

How does it work? It’s all thanks to a cloud-based logistics software employing both AI and algorithms. This smart courier management system provides:

  • Exceptional customer portal capabilities
  • Driver retention and notification system
  • Optimized dispatcher delivery routes based on algorithms
  • Actionable backend business analytics

How This Smart Delivery Service Benefits The Customer

With Dispatch Science at your disposal, you’re able to follow deliveries and packages in real-time and from any device.

With live updates of both delivery times and locations, we stay accountable and you stay informed. 

You’ll also be able to receive instant quotes, check in on your order history, and pay invoices at a moment’s notice.

How Drivers Are Empowered To Deliver Better

It used to be difficult for a delivery driver to make on-the-fly adjustments. Now with our smart Maryland delivery service, they receive immediate updates on their current assignments.

These notifications can include real-time route optimization and turn-by-turn directions, both which keep the driver from having to recalculate their route.

This benefit is extended to the customers, too, as the driver can send delivery window updates and statuses directly to them. When a simple text message can help to resolve delivery issues in the moment, you’ll end up saving your company larger headaches down the road.

How This Improves The Dispatcher’s Understanding Of Their Deliveries

This delivery service software is more than updates and route adjustments. It allows our dispatchers to take complete control over the whole delivery process. That includes watching over all drivers and packages, updating routes and keeping customers informed.

With all the details of a delivery available to us, we can better communicate with all the parties involved about any potential issues. Plus, our drivers keep a better workload balance.

How The Technology Upgrades The Back Office

The benefits of this smart Maryland delivery service extend to the back office, too. With a dashboard designed to integrate with your company’s data, you have a powerful tool at your fingertips. 

Use it to make data-based decisions that impact the bottom line, from creating nuanced pricing tiers and routing agreements to assigning load sizes for your shipping fleet.

This tool is a built-in customer relationship management interface, task manager, analytics tracker, and delivery planner. 

How Dispatch Science Can Benefit You

For all of the benefits seen here, the largest may be the one seen in your bottomline. With this level of data and analysis, you reduce waste and increase profit, meaning more money for you and your customers.

As you automate the tasks that weren’t worth your time, you’ll have more energy for more of the work that’s meaningful to you. 

At Expedite Delivery System, it’s important to us to invest in technology like this smart Maryland delivery service. When we do, we know our customers will have a better experience, and Expedite will stay their courier of choice.

To learn more about our latest upgrades or get in touch about scheduling a delivery, we encourage you to get in touch with us today.

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