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Is Offering Same Day Delivery Worth It?

The short answer is yes, absolutely, offering same day delivery is worth it. But of course we would say that, right? We’re a delivery company.

Expedite Delivery System does offer same day delivery services (and so many more) to companies like yours. So why should you take our word for it?

We could say that we’re the experts because we’ve been doing it for so long, so it makes sense we would know.

We could also say that without companies like yours taking advantage of our many offerings, Expedite wouldn’t exist. This is of course true, but there’s a more important reason.

The biggest thing to know is that offering same day delivery helps your business more than it helps ours.

Creating business partnerships and growing your network of reliable vendors only gives you more advantages over others in your industry. That’s really what we’re offering here: a business partnership. 

Let’s see how taking this partnership to the next level will put your business above the rest.

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Lower Your Expenses

Commercial delivery services can overcharge or make you pay per parcel. No more!

Expedite offers custom delivery solutions no matter what your needs are – daily, monthly, weekly… We have the flexibility and the capacity to work with your in-house freight team or to streamline your entire operation.

Maintaining and housing an entire delivery fleet is cumbersome and full of logistical pitfalls. We have worked out those pitfalls because it’s our job. Outsourcing your shipping to Expedite Delivery System is the easiest way for you to focus on yours. Don’t get caught working out delivery schedules, routes, and resource management – that’s what we’re here for.

Same Day Shipping is Our Business, is it Yours?

Feel like you’re spending too much time working out the delivery phase of your customers’ journey?

With an Expedite partnership, you will be able to focus on business development and growing your revenue. Not to mention your customers will be better served – now they’ll be able to enjoy your products or services the very same day as their purchase. 

No more ambiguous shipping and delivery windows that change without notice or refunding customers for dropped deliveries.

With our integrations of Dispatch Science, we can route, track, reroute, and notify you about your package at any point in its journey.

Forget about explaining delayed deliveries due to personnel constraints, trucks out for maintenance, or shipping radiuses. We are well-enough established to absorb those types of impacts and still your packages out and delivered on time.

Expedite Delivery System Simplifies Same Day Delivery

It’s all really about scalability, isn’t it? Some businesses can take on the burden of fleet maintenance and balance that with business growth. But many who take it on alone sink under the weight of such a logistical lift. Whether you need an interim solution to get you to that point, or you’d rather have a permanent delivery solution, Expedite is here for you.

We are one of the premier same day delivery services in the Mid-Atlantic. We’re only looking to improve our offerings so you may improve yours, because together, we can do more. See how much more you can do with Expedite Delivery System.

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