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When it comes to delivering medical specimens, you deserve a company as committed to excellence as you are.

With Expedite Delivery System’s medical courier service, you have access to a high-tough way of customizing deliveries. Our service is currently being used by independent labs, hospital groups, and long-term care pharmacies in Maryland and in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Thanks to an experienced management team, state-of-the-art technology, and committed and professionally trained couriers, we have become a trusted partner in the medical field.

Today, we’re detailing the types of medical courier transport we offer, the features we include with each delivery, and the partners we serve. 

If you are considering a new medical courier service or you have growing delivery needs, please read on to see how Expedite Delivery System can support you.

What Medical Courier Services Expedite Delivery System Offers

At Expedite, we understand how important it is for our medical partners to be able to send and receive medical specimens in a timely, trustworthy manner. 

We offer the following types of medical courier transport:

  • Specimen Transport
  • Cryogenic Transport
  • Pharmaceutical Transport
  • Blood Transport
  • Therapy Transport
Medical Worker Handling Medical Specimens

With medical specimens, a delivery is about so much more than getting from Point A to Point B, it’s also about the timeliness and the quality of the transport. Ensuring that quality is our priority, which is why each of our transport types includes the following features:

  • Temperature controlled deliveries
  • Chain of custody documentation
  • Customized pickup and delivery
  • Photographic evidence of protocol
  • Trackable driver actions
  • Custom volume reports
  • Professionally trained & attired couriers

Our Medical Partners

Independent Labs 

As Expedite Delivery System, we are honored to partner with a number of medical facilities and companies across the Mid-Atlantic region. From regional and local labs to a number of larger partners, we pride ourselves on being able to understand your specific delivery needs – ranging from occasional shipments to daily deliveries.

With our professional trained couriers, easily customizable logistsc, and accountability, we ensure your medical specimens are delivered when you need them and how you need them. As an independent company, we understand just how important your reputation is, and we’re here to support you with timely medical specimen deliveries you can rely on.

Hospital Systems and Groups

Working within established hospital systems and groups is another of our specialities. Understanding the needs of each individual member of the group, from timing to temperature, allows us to become a valued member supporting your network. Though we treat each delivery with the same level of care, we also recognize the value that comes from installing an efficient, reliable process that you can rely on. 

As we continue to work together, we will work to find more efficiencies and improve our system. In that way, we find our work with hospital systems and groups leverages our commitment and meet the existing needs – and unforeseen challenges – of working with a larger group. 

Long-Term Care Pharmacies

We understand the critical role long-term care pharmacies play in connecting their patients and with the greater medical community. In addition to that, there is a necessary degree of sensitivity and privacy that comes into play when delivering directly to a residents‘ communities.

Each of our professionally trained and attired couriers prides themselves on their punctuality and their accountability. This level of consistency and professionalism ensures a long-lasting, positive relationship between our long-term care pharmacies and their patients. 

Request A Quote For Medical Courier Service Rates In Maryland

If you have a medical services business in or around Maryland, or you have clients or patients in the Mid-Atlantic region, we are here to help. 

From businesses needing just a few deliveries a year to a number of daily deliveries, we can develop a logistics plan that meets your needs. To find out more, we encourage you to get in touch with the Expedite Delivery System team today.

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