Why Offering Expedited Delivery Improves Customer Service And Communication

Expedited Delivery

In today’s business world, customers expect more than just quality products or services. They want convenience, speed, and reliability – and that includes the speed at which their orders are delivered. 

In fact, studies have shown that faster delivery times can significantly improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. One study by Retail Touch Points even found that 78% of customers would be more likely to purchase from a business again if they received their order the same day.

While same-day delivery may not always be possible for your business, the lesson is still clear: for businesses looking to improve their customer service and communication, offering expedited delivery can be a game-changer. 

Not only does it provide customers with the convenience they expect, but the speed and precision of a faster delivery allows businesses to communicate more effectively with their customers and build stronger relationships.

In this blog, we’ll explore five key reasons why offering expedited delivery can improve customer service and communication. From faster response times to increased customer loyalty, we’ll show you how prioritizing fast delivery can help your business stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers coming back for more.

How Expedited Delivery Is Different From Traditional Shipping

In its most basic sense, an expedited delivery is one that happens faster than the standard delivery option. While it doesn’t have as strict a definition as, say, 2-day delivery, expedited delivery is a way of letting the customer know that they’re being served more quickly.

Beyond speed, there are some other key differences between the two types of delivery fulfillment:

  • Cost – Traditional shipping will likely come out as the more cost-effective option, especially if your company is something standard ground delivery. Expedited delivery can require dedicated drivers and vehicles, a premium service that is reflected in the price.
  • Predictability – With a standard delivery, your recipient often gets a fairly wide range of dates, especially as the distance grows. Expedited delivery gives customers a much more refined sense of when they’ll receive their delivery.
  • Perishable goods – That same range of delivery dates also makes standard fulfillment a poor choice if perishable goods are being shipped. For shipments involving meats, cheese, fruits, and frozen food, expedited delivery can be a much safer bet.
  • Official documents – Expedited shipping is often the choice for government documents like driver’s licenses, ballots, and passports, where both speed and the ability to track come into play.

5 Ways Expedited Delivery Improves Customer Service

As we’ve seen, there are specific use cases where traditional fulfillment methods could be preferred to expedited delivery, and vice versa. Now, though, let’s take a look at this speedier option through the eyes of our customers.

Here are five reasons why investing in faster fulfillment can earn your customer’s affection.

  1. Faster response times – When customers receive their orders more quickly, they can get started on their projects or use their new products sooner. This can lead to more positive reviews and recommendations.
  2. Improved communication – When you offer expedited shipping, you’ll have to communicate more frequently with customers to provide updates on their order status and delivery times. This helps build trust and improves the overall customer experience.
  1. Increased customer loyalty – More communication and satisfaction can lead to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth advertising.
  1. Competitive advantage – Customers are more likely to return to a company that can provide faster delivery times, which can give your business a significant edge.
  2. Greater flexibility – Whether it’s offering same-day delivery or weekend delivery, providing customers with more options can help improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction.

How Expedite Delivery System Can Support Your Business’s Shipping Needs

At Expedite Delivery System, we understand how important it is to provide exceptional customer service and communication. 

That’s why we offer delivery services that can help your business exceed customer expectations and build stronger relationships. We can provide same-day, overnight, and weekend delivery options, so you can offer your customers greater flexibility and convenience.

Don’t let slow shipping times hold you back from providing the best possible customer service. Contact us today to learn more about our expedited delivery services and how we can help your business improve its customer relationships through faster shipping.

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