The Importance of Real-Time Tracking for Expedited Deliveries

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In the age of free shipping, we can lose sight of how important real-time expedited delivery tracking is as they happen.

Free shipping has its place, of course. If you’re ordering something that’s not urgent, like books or clothes or other non-perishables, slower, non-tracked shipping is fine. You get an email that suggests a range of days when the package will show up, and you wait until that point.

Still, those kinds of shipments are only a portion of what we actually need delivered to us. 

If we’re in the medical profession, we could be expecting the delivery of medical specimens to take care of our patients. 

If we’re in the automotive industry, we could be expecting the delivery of specialized auto parts to make sure our customers’ vehicles are running smoothly.

If we’re in the legal profession, we may need important contracts sent to and from clients and courthouses without delay.

One big part of all of those urgent deliveries is knowing they’ll get there on time. The other? Knowing where they are in the delivery process. That’s what makes expedited delivery tracking so essential, and why we at Expedite Delivery System pride ourselves on being able to offer it to our clients.

In case you’re not familiar with real-time tracking or how it can benefit you and your business, we’re outlining some of the most essential features of it below.

4 Valuable Reasons To Opt For Expedited Delivery Tracking

They say knowledge is power, and with the knowledge of where your deliveries are at any moment, we believe our clients are empowered! As Expedited Delivery Service, we provide real-time order tracking to help our clients feel more secure and reassured.

Expedited Delivery Tracking Is More Convenient 

For anyone who’s ever waited for a delivery or service for hours on end, they know firsthand how inconvenient the lack of information is.

That’s why we believe expedited delivery tracking is so useful. It provides convenience for customers, as they can monitor their package’s progress through our interactive platform as well as receive text updates. This eliminates the need to call in for updates.

Better Planned Days

Time is money, and when time is wasted, money is wasted. With expedited delivery tracking, our clients can better plan their day around the estimated delivery time and reduce uncertainty.

Shipment tracking enables customers to plan around the delivery, such as arranging a signature or setting up delivery notifications, which helps improve customer satisfaction with their purchases. 

Customer Insights

Real-time tracking is more than just an advantage in the moment. It can also provide valuable insights to businesses.

These insights can be on the level of the business, including a deeper understanding into their operations and how to maintain cost efficiency by ensuring their shipments arrive on time.

It can also provide insight into their customers’ behaviors. This can include understanding the time of day or time of week they tend to order, how urgent these orders are, and how much their customers utilize real-time tracking. All of this can help to inform decisions about service offerings and pricing.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

For many of us, the frustrating part about waiting is when we don’t know how long we’re going to wait for. With real-time delivery tracking, the guesswork is gone and we know when the product is being delivered.

This extra information leads to a more positive experience and ultimately a more positive connection with the business. 

When parts for auto shops arrive on time, mechanics can better do their job. 

When legal documents arrive where they need to be, lawyers can better serve their clients. 

And when health professionals can rely on medical specimen deliveries, they show they are worthy of their patients’ trust.

This is all possible with the extra bit of information provided by real-time delivery tracking.

Team Up With Expedited Delivery Service For Your Real-Time Tracking And Shipping Needs

At Expedite Delivery, we are proud to provide lightning fast delivery service to our customers and clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

To learn more about our courier services, or to set up your next delivery, head here to set up your account.

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