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Cutting Edge Delivery Technology

To ensure your packages get to its destination on time and intact, we use a variety of cutting-edge technologies daily. From tracking and route optimization to temperature monitoring and reporting, we are dedicated to providing the best delivery experience possible.

Track and Trace

You want to know where your packages are at all times. Expedite’s Track and Trace technology allows you to keep track of your shipments from pick-up to delivery.

Route Optimization

Even the best route can be compromised by traffic or other issues. Our Route Optimization technology lets our drivers pick the fastest course, so your packages are always delivered on time.

Event Notification

To keep your business running smoothly, you need to know when something happens with your packages. Event Notifications send you an email or text when packages are picked up or dropped off, so you’re always in the loop.

Temperature Monitoring

Most critical for our medical deliveries, our temperature monitoring technology allows us to make mid-route adjustments to keep your shipments at the right temperature.


After your deliveries are made, it’s important to keep track of timing, important events, and more. Our reporting technology lets us continue to track and optimize your deliveries over time.

Dispatch Science

Get the convenience of on-demand delivery, order tracking, and much more from our convenient web app. You can also access Dispatch Science from your smartphone, to get even more convenience from the same quick delivery service. Learn More

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