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When it comes to medical specimen delivery, time is of the essence. Every minute makes a difference when it comes to sensitive materials, especially ones that can degrade like medical specimens. Same-day medical specimen delivery, when done the Expedite way, can save lives.

It’s thanks to the dedicated team at providers like Expedite Delivery System that provide safe, time-critical delivery that healthcare providers in the mid-Atlantic region can offer their clients the best possible care during both routine appointments and emergency ones.

But just how can a courier service cover the unique needs and challenges of specific healthcare providers? Read on for how our fleet – available 24/7/365 – provides industry-leading service to providers like you.

The Benefits of Same-Day Medical Specimen Delivery For Healthcare Providers

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There is a range of businesses that take advantage of same-day medical specimen delivery. 

Understanding your unique needs allows our professional medical specimen delivery drivers to assist you in creating a trustworthy, reliable bond with your clients and your patients.

  • Hospitals

    Of all the vital functions a hospital serves for both regular and urgent medical visits, those that require rapid testing and diagnosis due to a quick testing requirement or a live sample’s short shelf life are essential. Same-day delivery ensures that doctors and patients get life-saving information as soon as it’s available.


  • Doctor’s Offices

    Delivering medical specimens from routine check-ups – including lab tests of fluids or tissues, x-ray films, IV therapy medication, and medical records – helps doctors maintain a strong relationship with their patients, one built on reliability, timeliness, and care.

  • Pharmacies

    For the delivery of medicines, including controlled drugs, temperature-controlled environments are crucial to ensuring pharmacies have medicines on hand when they’re needed. Given that different medications have different requirements and recommendations, same-day medical specimen delivery helps pharmacies provide top-of-the-line care.

  • Training Centers

    Training the life-saving doctors, nurses, and medical technicians of tomorrow means giving them real-world experience today, which comes directly from same-day medical specimen deliveries providing access to live samples and test subjects that give them hands-on repetitions and practice.

  • Blood Banks

    Transporting blood supplies for life-threatening emergencies and routine treatments alike requires a highly coordinated and specific environment for the transfer, so blood banks and donation centers can establish routine same-day medical specimen transfers as they become pillars of community health.

  • Organ and Tissue Transportation

    For emergency and STAT deliveries to routine drop-offs of medical specimens, same-day delivery is the best way to ensure those specimens maintain their optimal temperature.

  • Research & Diagnostics Laboratories

    Lab specimens and biopharmaceuticals require the utmost attention during shipping, especially those that include diagnostic and infectious medical specimens, and same-day medical specimen delivery ensures speedy, safe arrival.

Same-Day Medical Specimen Delivery Leads To Improved Customer Satisfaction

These deliveries require a company like Expedite Delivery System that is OSHA compliant, HIPAA compliant, values specimen integrity, maintains a proper exposure control, follows the strictest transportation guidelines as well as an ICE policy.

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The results from a suite of delivery services that are catered to your specific needs as a healthcare provider are clear. 

Happier, healthier patients trust in a medical system that keeps their best interests in mind. And that trust is based on the results that come from reliable same-day medical specimen delivery.

Thanks to state-of-the-art logistics technology that includes real-time tracking, route optimization, and proof of delivery, Expedite Delivery System delivers performance you can trust to better serve your patients and create long-lasting relationships. Get in touch and see why healthcare providers trust us with their specimens.


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