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We want you to think of Expedite as more than just a delivery service. We want you to trust us has an integral part of your organization. When it comes to delivering sensitive materials, we are specially trained medical courier service, here to serve you best.

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Here’s how we can help.

Experienced, Trained, and Reliable Medical Couriers

All of our experienced, medical specialty couriers have up-to-date certifications in Integrity Medical Career Training.

This means they are uniquely qualified to understand and comply with:

  • OSHA
  • Transportation Guidelines
  • Specimen Integrity
  • Exposure Control
  • ICE Policy

Certifications are kept up-to-date and in compliance with industry standards.

Near-Real-Time Action

Don’t let your customers wait another minute. Whether you’re shipping lifesaving pharmaceuticals, or necessary lab equipment, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

You may not have the luxury of having a storeroom or warehouse to keep all the supplies you need on-hand. That’s where we come in.

When you need something same-day, we will get it to you or your customers.

We offer:

  • Exclusive Delivery Service
  • 90 Minute Service
  • 2 Hour Service
  • 4 Hour Service

So, whether you have a normal dedicated route or a time-critical STAT delivery, we will get your shipment where it needs to be on time. We understand medical courier service are time-sensitive and work to keep your deliveries on track.

Less Financial Burden

If you need your medical or pharmaceutical supplies delivered on-demand, then you need drivers who are also on-demand. Paying staff to be on call but only using them a fraction of the time can be costly.

Focus on your job and we’ll focus on ours. Let us handle the delivery for you.

Our same-day, on-demand delivery services are there when you need them, and not a burden on you when you don’t.

Don’t fret over where to park the delivery trucks, hiring drivers who are competent and trained, and adding strain to your budget and payroll.

Secure Transit

When transporting medical specimens, there certainly is a time element involved. Specimens need to be kept at a specific temperature and arrive to their destination within a certain amount of time.

We cover all of that.

Our couriers can handle multiple temperatures at the same time and carry coolers dedicated for specific temperature points, whether it be room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen.

Our trucks and packages are equipped with monitoring and tracking technology to ensure secure chain-of-custody procedures. This allows you to know where and when your package will be delivered. It will also help protect your clients’, and their clients’, health information and materials.

Expedite Delivery Systems Has Your Back

Expedite Team

We pay attention to our clients. We know you don’t take this lightly, and neither do we. When it comes to delivering pharmaceutical and medical supplies, we carry a sense of diligence and urgency unseen in other courier services in the mid-Atlantic.

We value what the health industry is doing to keep us safe, and we hope you value what we’re doing to support you.

Expedite is a dedicated courier service specializing in the delivery of medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare supplies. We are located in Central Maryland but serve up and down the mid-Atlantic.

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