Cloud-Based Delivery Service

man using cloud-based delivery service app, Expedite Delivery System, Maryland Courier Service

Is a cloud-based delivery service a thing? Well, we at Expedite Delivery System of Maryland are continuously working to provide you with the most efficient courier service available. We’re always searching for ways to improve and modernize ourselves for the benefit of our customers.

man using cloud-based delivery service app

Our most recent effort has been in the field of technology. It’s easy to think couriers have been doing things the same way for generations. That might be the case for certain courier services. Expedite Delivery System, however, is not one of them. With Dispatch Science, we’re offering you next-level transparency and flexibility. This cloud-based delivery service logistics software employs artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithmic expressions to update and improve processes as well as client and driver relations.

This cutting-edge courier management system has the following features:

  • Customer portal capabilities that are second to none
  • System for retaining and notifying drivers
  • Optimized algorithm-based dispatcher delivery routes
  • Backend business analytics

Expedite Delivery Service lets you to get your deliveries where they need to be faster. You can track deliveries and shipments with Dispatch Science from any device. Times and locations are updated in real time, ensuring that both we and you are held accountable. On your preferred device, you will get delivery confirmations. It also helps with receiving fast quotes, seeing order history, and paying bills.

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Helping Drivers

Receive instant updates regarding jobs and assignments as one of our drivers. Benefit from route optimization, which eliminates the need to recalculate routes and provides turn-by-turn guidance. You may utilize Dispatch Science to update clients’ delivery windows and statuses, as well as contact with them directly via text messaging to address delivery difficulties.

Helping Dispatchers

We can take complete control of the distribution process thanks to the software. Dispatch Science lets us keep a close eye on all of our drivers and packages, which gives us a lot of flexibility when it comes to designing routes and keeping clients up to date. We have access to every detail of every delivery. Notifications from the app keep drivers and consumers informed about delays and delivery windows. We get to preserve workload balance and delivery allocation for our drivers.

In the back office

This technology’s sophisticated dashboard fully combines all of our company’s delivery data. It’s the most effective and useful tool we have for making informed judgments regarding our services. We may allocate load sizes to our fleet and set up complicated pricing and routing agreements with it. It’s a customer relationship management application, task manager, analytics tracker, and cloud-based delivery service scheduler all rolled into one.

How a Cloud-Based Delivery Service Benefits You

All of this adds up to more time and money for you, our valued customers. We’ll have more time to invest where you need it as we become more automated. It enables us to provide a more personalized experience for you and all of our customers.

We’re investing in this technology because we believe that a better experience will encourage you to stick with Expedite as your preferred courier service.

Contact us to learn more about how it works or to arrange a delivery.

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