Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery

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Last-mile delivery is becoming an integral part of many businesses. These enterprises are taking up the program to deliver goods in excellent conditions in record time. Buyers choose enterprises that have last-mile delivery to enjoy its many benefits.

How can your business benefit from last-mile delivery?

Answering this question can show you why last-mile delivery can take your business to the next level.

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What Is Last-Mile Delivery?

Statistics show that 93% of clients expect visibility from product’s transit to delivery. Almost half of the online buyers don’t work with businesses that don’t have order tracking capability and visibility.

Last-mile delivery can offer a viable solution to these clients. It comprises the transportation of goods from their production or storage facilities to customers quickly and safely. You optimize your logistics to ensure clients receive their items in excellent conditions in record time.


Benefits of Last-Mile Delivery

Businesses should leverage last-mile delivery to enjoy its many benefits.

1. Manage Transportation Costs

Businesses spend about 30% of their resources on logistics. They spend on:

  • Vehicles
  • Labor
  • Returns
  • Fuel

The transportation costs are substantial, and the expenditure can limit your resources for other areas that need them.

Last-mile delivery can help you cut transportation costs. The third-party logistics company picks up the products where you need them to collect them. This flexibility provides convenience to you, as you won’t need to circulate products between retail stores and distribution centers.

2. Manage Damaged Items

Products that get destroyed in transit can cause a lot of frustrations. Customers will be unhappy that they didn’t receive their goods in excellent conditions, and they have to wait while you figure out what went wrong. You may also spend more to repair or replace the items for customers.

Last-mile delivery can offer a safer way to transport your products to customers. The third-party logistics company has experts that manage the loading, offloading, and handling of your items. They also don’t move them many times, reducing the likelihood of damage.

3. Avoid Blackout Period in the Supply Chain

Some businesses assume they are through with their work once they hand over goods for transport to the logistics company. They don’t follow up to ensure that the delivery happened according to the essential terms. If you don’t get the information on time, you won’t know if you may have handled issues to satisfy your clients.

Last-mile delivery can help you track the delivery. The third-party logistics company offers real-time information and tracking. You will know as each step takes place and get a notification once your customers get their products.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction

Modern customers prefer businesses that have timely delivery. They expect to get their products 1-2 days after ordering them. If your business takes longer than this period to deliver, they may abandon it for one that meets this timeline. These clients also expect the goods will be in excellent condition during the delivery. Customer reviews and your pages can tell them whether you offer these services.

Last-mile delivery enables you to deliver the goods quickly and safely. Your customers will get their products as they expect to get them – on time and with no damage. This satisfactory delivery will make them happy with your business. A satisfied client is likely to return for more purchases or recommend your enterprise to others.

5. Adds Delivery Convenience

Buyers expect delivery within specific timelines. For example, hospitals need lifesaving drugs within hours of ordering them. Timely delivery can be the difference between life and death.

Last-mile delivery can offer clients delivery convenience, as they will get their products within a short period. This option may not have been available with other logistics solutions. Partnering with a third-party logistics company can help you attract and keep clients that you might have lost.

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How Expedite Does Last-Mile Delivery

Expedite Delivery System is a courier company that specializes in same-day, medical, and last-mile delivery. We focus on customer service and offer reliable, expert, and affordable logistics services that you will love.

Our experts leverage their expertise to ensure timely and safe transportation and delivery of clients’ items. We have years of experience offering convenient and reliable logistics services.

Contact us today to discover more about our last-mile delivery service.

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