7 Industries Where Reliable Medical Specimen Delivery Is Needed The Most

medical specimen delivery

If you work in the medical field, you know how important it is to have reliable medical specimen delivery. 

More than with other types of deliveries, time is of the essence when it comes to medical specimen delivery. If the delivery is delayed, it could mean jeopardizing the viability of the medical specimen, as well as the health and wellness of its recipient.

Likewise, accuracy is crucial. A specimen that is not delivered to the correct location or following the correct guidelines could lead to a patient not getting the care they need when they need it.

Finally, medical specimen delivery is a vital part of the healthcare process. Each member has their part to play, from doctors at hospitals to pharmacists at drug stores. Reliable medical specimen delivery ensures that these professionals can focus on critical tasks while knowing the deliveries they need will get where they need to go.

That is why reliable medical specimen delivery is so important, and why the team at Expedite Delivery System prides ourselves on providing safe deliveries to healthcare providers all over the mid-Atlantic region. 

After all, when they can rely on us to deliver on time and under the right conditions, they can continue to provide quality medical care. That includes routine appointments, emergency situations, and many other healthcare situations.

While reliable medical specimen delivery is important in theory, it’s even more valuable in reality. To that end, we’re sharing more details today on how our service helps specific healthcare providers in the mid-Atlantic.

What Kinds Of Healthcare Providers Use Our Reliable Medical Specimen Delivery?

While it’s fair to say any healthcare provider can benefit from on-time medical specimen delivery, the details are important. 

Given our experience, we are able to speak directly to the needs of a wide range of healthcare providers. From our professionally attired and certified drivers to temperature-controlled storage and the latest tracking and logistics technology, we work to meet all of our clients needs. 

Blood Banks

Blood banks and donation centers are essential for their work in supplying and storing blood for use in routine treatments, emergencies, and more. 

Given their need for highly coordinated transfers that happen in temperature-controlled environments, a reliable medical courier service is essential.


Pharmacists are critical in the dispersal of medications to patients throughout the community. 

To support pharmacists in the work that they do handling different medications, requirements, and procedures, we pride ourselves in being a reliable support system that lets them continue providing top-notch care. 

Deliveries to and from pharmacies can include medications, controlled drugs, and temperature-controlled substances.


Reliable medical specimen deliveries allow doctors to connect their patients with life-saving information, care, and more as soon as it’s available. 

From sending samples out that require rapid testing and diagnosis to receiving vital medical specimens, doctors rely on a network of other healthcare providers to do their work.

With trustworthy medical specimen delivery, doing that work efficiently and effectively becomes all the easier.

Doctor’s Offices

While doctor-patient confidentiality is a large part of this relationship, trust and reliability can play an equally important role.

When doctors can rely on us to help transport and receive lab tests, x-rays, IV therapy medication, medical records, and more, they can build the doctor-patient trust that is so fundamental.

Training Centers

The excellent doctors, nurses, and medical professionals of tomorrow are at schools and training centers today perfecting their craft.

Part of ensuring they are as well-trained as possible means getting them the repetition and practice they need. With Expedite Delivery System, we help to provide them access to samples, subjects, and specimens that they’ll encounter soon in the real world.

Organ and Tissue Transportation

Reliable medical specimen delivery is key to ensuring that these medical specimens are transported at their optimal temperature. This includes routine drop-offs, emergency, and STAT deliveries. 

Research & Diagnostics Laboratories

In order for laboratories to do the research necessary to create life-saving products and make life-changing breakthroughs, they need medical specimen deliveries they can rely on.

With same-day medical specimen delivery with Expedite Delivery System, they know that all lab specimens, including diagnostic and infectious medical specimens, will get the utmost care during transport. 

Same-Day Medical Specimen Delivery Leads To Improved Customer Satisfaction

At Expedite Delivery System, we are OSHA compliant and HIPAA compliant. We understand the sensitive nature of these deliveries, and as such, our drivers, equipment, and vehicles all follow strict transportation guidelines as well as an ICE policy.

By holding ourselves to the highest possible medical specimen delivery standards, we are able to support healthcare providers throughout our region in providing the best care possible.

In addition to our drivers upholding our standards, our commitment to quality is also seen in our investment in industry leading logistics technology. This includes real-time tracking, route optimization, and proof of delivery.

Get in touch today and see why healthcare providers throughout the mid-Atlantic choose us for their medical specimen deliveries.

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